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The Digital Guestbook

The Digital Guestbook is a setup that allows wedding guests to leave messages and well wishes for you and your partner. It is similar to a traditional guestbook that guests sign, but instead of writing in a physical book, guests can leave their messages, best wishes, or advice for the newlyweds on video. The Digital Guestbook makes it easy for everyone to participate in the celebration and for the couple to review and cherish the memories and messages long after the wedding.

A brief history

After a couple came to me looking for a way to include their guests in the celebration, I suggested what would become the digital guestbook.  They were thrilled at the opportunity to collect meaningful stories and well wishes from their friends and family, many of whom were traveling from out of town to be with them on their special day. As the reception unfolded, their guests laughed, cried, and reminisced together, all while creating a digital keepsake that the couple could treasure for a lifetime. Now, no matter how far apart they may be, this couple has a beautiful collection of memories and messages from their loved ones always at their fingertips.


Starting at $450!

What's Included?

+Digital Guestbook - A setup that includes a professional camera, audio equipment, and lights with an attendant 

+ Video featuring all guest messages

+ Digital download/Gallery

Want a Digital Guestbook at your wedding?

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